Try to mix all these ingredients: new lodges located on the seaside. Four new large aluminum floored boats fully equipped with 20 hp Mercury and trolling motors. Delicious food prepared daily. Many large pike swimming in shallow waters surrounded by spectacular landscapes. This is our recipe for you.


It\'s not easy describe to our new guest what we offer at Pikepride Baltic Lodge. You can think it like a perfe...
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The location is perfect for a fishing holiday. You can relax and attract big fish with jerkbait, topwater, shad, swimbait, spinnerbait and old-style lures. The surrounding landscape is a paradise for fishermen: many islands, shallow bays, grasslands and weedbeds.

Fishing for Large Pike

Big pike come from the open water to the deep water: a one-of-a-kind experience only the Finnish Baltic can give you.

We have a catch and release policy for all kinds of species. Large rubber nets and tools for unhooking are available for correct pike release.

Wild locations and un-pressured spots, big pike in shallow bays, large and fully equipped, new buildings on the sea shore. Friendly and professional staff. Every year we promote “Fishing Clinic Weeks” where internationally renowned professional guides explain casting techniques to our guests. It is a great opportunity to increase your skills and learn something about the pike fishing world. Ask for dates