Fishing Cottages

Our lodges are located by the sea and surrounded by the beautiful Finnish forest. Recently built with wood, they are the perfect place to welcome a fishermen after a long day at sea. For the comfort of our guests, the boats are docked just a few steps away from the accommodation. The cottages have both a cozy common area to chat with other guests and a private space to enjoy peace and relax. They are fully equipped with a fireplace, traditional Finnish wooden Sauna and a terrace with barbecue.

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Even if secluded in the middle of the forest, these fishing lodges have all the comforts! Each lodge has a bright common area with a fireplace and large sofas, an indoor sauna, a spacious shower room, a terrace with barbecue, television, free Wi-Fi. There is also a private beach within walking distance from the cottage. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, you will soon feel at home!

The cottages are located on a remote area of Baltic Sea, not far from the Russian borders. This place is a paradise since is unfrequented by other fishermen and only few locals live around the area. With no other fishing lodges close by, our guests are able to explore freely a great variety of fishing spots.

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Our full board meal is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a fishing experience and, at the same time, enjoy Italian and Finnish specialties. Marina sets up rich breakfasts daily, a selection of packed lunches and delicious dinners. She is born in Italy and has been living in Finland for over a decade.  Her cooking merges the Italian tradition with the fresh ingredients typical of the Finnish cuisine. She loves baking for the happiness of everyone! Very often, you will be able to smell chocolate cakes or berry tarts!

Our served meals are excellent. Try this experience and you will love it!


Every day, we offer the possibility to choose between a continental breakfast with bacon and scrambled eggs, French toasts or sandwiches, or  an Italian breakfast with cakes backed fresh daily, homemade biscuits, fresh fruits and a selection of different hot and cold beverages.

Packed lunch

For our fishermen freedom, we offer packed lunches with paninis, fruits and beverages.


Our dinners are tasty and filling.  Handmade pasta, lasagne, pizza and focaccia are cooked every day in our kitchen. We use chosen pieces of meat from local producers. We love to grill and barbecue on the terrace during the summertime. Salmon and fresh local fish is served every week. We use fresh porcini and berries that we personally collected from the forest.


It is possible to choose the self-catering option. In the cottage there is a full equipped kitchen for our guests.

At request it is also possible to purchase single served meals.

Accommodation : Single, double or triple rooms

Tourism not only for fishermen:

there are plenty of activities to do in and around the cottages.

All year around:

  • enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna
  • Go for a historical walk by the “Salpalinja” fortification built during the Second World War
  • Birdwatching
  • Trekking
  • Nordic walking

Spring and summer activities:

  • Mushroom and berry picking
  • Mountain bike

Winter and Autumn activities:

  • Ice fishing
  • Catching Norther lights
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Ice skating
  • Snowmobile excursions



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