Lodge fishing areas

The area offers a huge variety of sea life: large schools of herring, sea trout, zander, whitefish, salmon and abundant good-sized perch. Large pikes are frequently caught in this area of the Baltic with jerkbait and shallow swimming lures. Only a few people lives here and it is very rare to meet other fishermen. There are no other Fishing Lodges within 50 km: just us!
The fishing area is  fantastic: clear waters populated by healthy pikes: they bite and fight hard. Waters near our lodge are sheltered by islands and it is possible to go fishing in all weather conditions during the fishing season.

baltic-fishing-pike big-pike

We are open from April to November.  We have been exploring the four fjords that can be easily reached with our boats. Each area holds different grounds and shapes and the fishing possibilities are endless. By using Navionics maps, our fish detector, it will be easy to find fishing spots and then find your way back to the lodge.

fishing-in-baltic-sea fishing in finland


Pikes here in good number and of all sizes. During the last year our guests catched and released lots of big pikes over 1 meter long. Some of them measured over 120 cm.  Big pikes come from the open sea to feed in large bays, which are close to the lodge and they love hunting in shallow water.  With our boats you can move easily from one spot to another.  Due to the water level changes and depending on the wind directions, every fishing day is different: you can find pikes in very shallow bays with clear water, over large weedbeds and around rocky islands.

release-pike lodge-fishing-areas


You can have fun casting, jigging or dropshot for Perch. Perch are present in good number and size and there are many good spots where you can fish them. We suggest a catch and release policy, but if you really want to you can keep some for dinner: just the fair amount that you can eat on the same day.